The Spanish Trinity Series (The Trinity is here) was my first adventure into writing for the general public.  It was a labor of love for me, which lasted four years 2013-2016, though it started with my spending over a year in Sevilla from 2011-2012.

Each book in the series is a ‘Trinity’ in part because each book is itself made up of three stories (one series, three books, three stories each book).  This form started with the Sevilla Trinity.  In writing that book, I knew I had three stories to tell, and I knew that they should not all be written in the same voice.  I didn’t fight it, and I wrote three stories.  They were each set in Sevilla and involved Catholicism in Spain. This book was supportive of Catholicism in Spain, which itself has a long and difficult history, and ultimately led me to a soul-search on my acceptance of other faiths.

I would live for four months in the Albycin neighborhood of Granada.  I had a beautiful view of Alhambra from the roof of my apartment, in very Arabic surroundings.  I would continue the series with The Alhambra Trinity, where each story was set in Granada and each involved Islam.  A third book is in the works.

The middle story in each book is the common thread.  It is the story of Caesar Soorgard, his wife Estrella, and his son Guiri.  It is an absurd religious comedy and without this antidote to the difficulty of soul-searching, I don’t think I could have finished the project – nor would I have written anything very entertaining; but Caesar is at least that.

The Trinity is here.